Genkei Hattanso Hiire 720ml

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Fukucho Genkei Hattan-so: This is part of a new series that utilises revolutionary rice polishing technology developed at Hiroshima based Satake, the world’s leading manufacturer of rice polishing equipment.

The Genkei method is an all new technique that polishes around the contours of the rice grain. Like Henpei, this removes more of the unwanted proteins when compared to the conventional method. Satake, has created bespoke machinery specifically intended for the purpose that considerably lowers the time and cost involved in rice polishing. It is said that rice polished to 60% by the Genkei method has roughly the same protein content as rice polished as high as 40% by the conventional method.

Genkei Hattan-so has a slightly more delicate character than its Henpei sibling. As a result, it is most at home paired with lighter dishes such as grilled fish and lighter flavoured meat dishes.

The Specs

Description: SAKE
Capacity: 720ml
Item code: IM-17
Alcohol Percentage; 15% 
Standard drinks: 8.52 std drinks
Rice: Hattanso
Place of Production: Hiroshima, Japan

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