Gozenshu 9 Blue (Bodaimoto) (Nama) 500ml

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Gentle¬†flavour made from another famous Okayama¬†rice Omachi. Light, floral with lychee and white peaches notes on the palate and refreshing, clean finish. Uses the centuries old Bodaimoto process which involves a ‘pre-starter’ fermentation of raw rice and other ingredients to give the moto tank a unique advantage.
This is a spring release and is nama.


The Specs

Brewery: Tsuji Co.,Ltd.
Brand: Gozenshu
Region: Okayama
Classification: Junmai
Item Code: GZNS-25
%ALC/VOL: 15.5%
Net Volume: 500ml
Standard Drinks: 6.1
Rice: Omachi
Rice Polishing Rate: 65%
SMV: +5
Serving Temperature Tip: Chilled & warm

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