Tsukikoshi Junmai Ginjo 720ml (NAMA)

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Tsukikoshi — A fresh, new type of sake with very old roots.

Tsukikoshi revives an ancient and little-known technique for filtering the mash that protects the sake from oxidation and preserves its natural effervescence. The result is a vibrantly fresh and aromatic sake that still has the nose-tickling fizziness of the CO2 gas produced during fermentation.

{ Food pairing suggestions }

Sashimi, raw oysters, green salads with citrus accents, young cheese

The Specs

Name: Tsukikoshi
Type: Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu
Capacity: 720ml
Standard drinks: 8.52
Item code: MAS-13
Availability: Limited March release
Ingredients: Rice, water, koji, yeast
Rice: Miyama Nishiki, Hitogokochi (both Nagano Pref.); Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo Pref.)
Polishing rate: 55%
Yeast: Masumi No. 7
Alcohol: 15%
SMV: undisclosed
Acidity: undisclosed
Amino acidity: undisclosed
Serving temperature: Chilled
Storage: Refrigerate

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